Say hello to Sunny,

Our vibrant Sweet C mascot! Sunny lives in an African mandarin orchard, basking in the African sunshine. With a zestful approach to life, Sunny loves to explore, play, and squeeze the day. Join Sunny in C-ing the world, embracing bold adventures and finding the sweet spot in every moment.

As the sunshine in someone’s day, Sunny spreads joy and leaves a tang-tastic impression.

Look up during your outdoor adventures and you might catch a glimpse of a joyful lemur swinging gracefully from tree to tree, savoring a luscious, sweet mandarin.

Squeeze the Day with Sunny and Sweet C Mandarins!

In the land of mandarins so sweet,
There’s a lemur with energy hard to beat.
Sunny, who’s adventures are never the same Spreading joy and laughter, you’ll be glad he came

With curiosity as bright as the sun,
Sunny explores, always on the run.
In the orchard of Sweet C delight, Discovering flavors that taste just right.

Eager to learn and embrace the unknown,
Sunny’s zest for Sweet C brightly shown.
A bundle of joy, a true delight, Sweet C mandarins, made golden in the light.

So, join Sunny’s adventure, come along, Where happiness and Sweet C sing their song. With a lemur so lively, and mandarins sun kissed Sunny and Sweet C, you can’t resist!

Sunny loves telling jokes!

Why do mandarins wear sunblock?
Because they peel.

Find your zest for life with Sunny and Sweet C mandarins